We’re rebranding

And preparing for something massive: changing how people learn. Imagine a world where education is personalised, accessible, and tailored to unlock your potential. That’s the future we’re building.

But what do we do?

Democratising Education with AI

We’re creating a platform powered by AI to do the work of an educational institute – but better. No more one-size-fits-all learning. We tailor content, offer personalised guidance, and make education accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We Understand You:

Want to learn in a way that clicks with you? Our AI-powered chat tool asks smart questions to unlock your unique learning style, preferred study methods, and true passions. This lets us provide content curated just for you, ensuring it’s relevant, engaging, and perfectly aligned with your goals. We even adjust the difficulty based on your progress, keeping you challenged yet comfortable.

We Help You:

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach! Your individualised curriculum is carefully crafted to match your specific needs and goals. Forget scouring for resources: we generate compelling study materials, interactive quizzes, personalised flashcards, exams with instant feedback and so much more. All the study techniques you can imagine are automatically applied, so you simply focus on learning. Just wait for your notification and press “start”!

We Grade You:

Show Your Skills, Not Just a Grade: Craft a personalised profile highlighting your strengths and showcasing proof of your actual knowledge, not just a single grade. Share it on your CV or portfolio – employers can explore your talents and see the possibilities you bring.

How does it work?

Try our app (MVP) for yourself

We have already launched some impressive features, with even more exciting features coming soon! go and try it for yourself, it is already a great tool when you study!

Psst, you can use it for free.

The “Team”

One eighteen year old.

The entire brand is currently managed by an 18-year-old recent graduate from upper secondary school in Sweden, who is dedicated to delivering optimal solutions for learners. However, to further advance our mission, we are actively seeking support, including fundraising efforts and partnerships, and welcome the collaboration of like-minded individuals.

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The platform


You’ve heard our big idea, but what about the details? What have we already done, what are we working on, and what’s coming next? To learn more, keep reading below!

List of features

As we progress, many more features will be introduced.

Generate Flashcards with AI

This feature allows you to create flashcards quickly and effortlessly using AI.

* Launched

How does it work?

You can upload your class notes or exam details, or simply specify a subject, and our AI will generate flashcards for you based on the provided material

Generate Mock Tests with AI

With this functionality, you can generate mock tests tailored to your study needs using AI.

* Launched

How does it work?

Similar to the flashcards feature, you can upload relevant materials or specify the subject for which you need a mock test. Our AI will then generate a customised mock test to help you prepare effectively.

Calculate Your Merit

This tool simplifies the process of calculating your merit (Swedish GPA system).

* Launched

How does it work?

You can input your courses and relevant grades, and our system will calculate your merit, including any bonus merit points.

Keep Track of Your Tasks

This function allows you to stay organised by keeping track of your tasks and assignments.

* Launched

How does it work?

Simply input the tasks you need to complete, and our platform will help you plan and organise your schedule effectively, ensuring that you stay on top of your academic responsibilities.

Get Help from Our Teacher AI Chatbot

Our chatbot is designed to provide assistance and support with your learning process.

* Launched

How does it work?

Unlike traditional chatbots focused on general conversations, our teacher AI chatbot is specifically programmed to help you learn and understand course materials better.

Study Plan

This feature enables you to input your assignments and upcoming exams. Our platform then generates a personalised study plan to help you prepare efficiently. 

* Coming Soon

How does it work?

By analysing your assignments and exam dates, we create a tailored schedule that ensures you cover all necessary material in time for your exams.

Study Lectures

This feature offers a comprehensive study experience by combining various learning tools into one session.

* Coming Soon

How does it work?

You can access lectures, quizzes, textual materials, flashcards, and motivational questions all in a single go.

Instantly Graded Exams

With this functionality, you can take exams that are instantly graded by our system.

* Coming Soon

How does it work?

The exams include multi-points motivational answers, multiple-choice questions, and other interactive elements. This feature provides immediate feedback on your performance.

In Classroom Workspace

This feature aims to enhance your classroom experience by consolidating various resources onto one screen.

* Working On

How does it work?

You’ll have access to your notes, an AI assistant, the presentation materials, group work tools, and more, all within a single workspace during your class.

AI Learning Modules

The platform could create AI-generated simulations, examples, and interactive learning modules to facilitate hands-on learning experiences. 

* Working On

How does it work?

These resources will provide dynamic, engaging content that reinforces theoretical concepts and promotes deeper understanding through practical application.

AI to Understand Users

This feature involves the implementation of a question-asking AI to improve user engagement and understanding. 

* Working On

How does it work?

By analysing user queries and interactions, the AI adapts and responds to individual learning needs, providing targeted assistance and facilitating a more personalised learning experience.

Certificate Profile

This feature will allow users to create a certificate profile where all their exams and results can be gathered and shared with employers or similar entities.

* Working On

How does it work?

Users can compile their academic achievements in one place, making it easier to showcase their qualifications and accomplishments to potential employers or educational institutions.

We are shaping the future of how we learn, using AI to present new possibilities.

Phone: ‭+46 (0) 76-007 45 96‬

E-mail: Kontakt@andab.nu

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